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Basic Bike Safety for Kids

By Alex Krutchik Warmer temperatures and sunny skies encourage many families to take to the streets and sidewalks to ride…

Sports & Recreation in the Delaware Valley

A directory to help your child explore their interests while staying fit and healthy. ALL RIDERS UP 265 Mattson Road Garnet Valley, PA 19060 610-459-0879 Established in 2008 as the only…

5 Summer Health and Safety Myths Debunked

In addition to the likely continued threat of COVID-19 this summer, families will still have to deal with the season’s typical health and safety concerns, from bee stings to sun…

EPA Mid-Atlantic Recognizes CHOP Asthma Program

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Mid-Atlantic Region selected the Community Asthma Prevention Plus Program (CAPP+) at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) as its first-ever Asthma Community Champion.…

Good Intentions Don't Prevent Cavities

Parents choose juice boxes, gummy vitamins and bottled water with their kids' health in mind, but it could lead to more cavities, warns Dr. Rachel A. Maher.

Is it OK for Teens to Drink Coffee?

"One daily cup of coffee won’t harm kids over the age of 12 – as long as they avoid all other sources of caffeine" which include soda, iced tea chocolate, energy drinks and some over-the-counter drugs, like Excedrin.

Is Vegan Healthy for Kids?

Kids can be healthy on a plant-based diet if you plan meals carefully and make sure they are getting all the nutrients they need to help them grow.

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