Food & Nutrition

Food allergies on the rise

An average of two kids in each class class probably have an allergy. Most common are milk, eggs, wheat, soy, nuts, fish and shellfish.

Local Produce: Hip and Healthy

Sustainable eating reduced the environmental impact of shipping foods, supports local farmers and provides the health benefits of fresh foods.


Your family can nibble on healthy foods and fight tooth decay at the same time.

Tips To Pack a Safe Lunch

A recent study found that more than 90 percent with perishable items (even with multiple ice packs) were kept at unsafe temperatures.

The Healthiest Drinks for Kids

What a child drinks can drastically affect the amount of calories consumed, as well as the amount of nutrients needed to build strong bodies.

'My Plate' Replaces Food Pyramid

Four sections correspond to recommended dietary portions, with a dairy portion on the side. Officials and First Lady Michelle Obama say the new graphic is easier to understand.


Taken off breastfeeding or formula, some toddlers refuse cow's milk. The problem is the potential for a vitamin D or calcium deficiency.

America's Salt Shake-up

Sodium is under fire as a nutrition no-no. These tips can help you reduce your family's salt intake.

5 Healthy Kids' Snack Tricks

Many snacks are prime sources of extra sugar and fats. Providing appealing, nutritious treats can reduce the risk of childhood obesity.

Say Cheese!

Americans love cheese, but most cheeses are high in calories and fat. Here are tips to fit cheese into a healthy diet.

Fiber Facts

In addition to its health benefits, fiber can help control kids’ weight.

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