Good grade for Dudes' Fitness Test

CD: Presidential Physical Fitness Test, the Diggity Dudes

The Diggity Dudes’ latest CD illustrates the band’s attention to musical excellence. This energetic collection of witty tunes can enhance curriculum or work as a great standalone musical experience.

Opener “Disco Traveler” grabs you with horns and rhythm, then sneaks in some geography. “Grover Cleveland” sparks a litany of presidential names. The title song’s hip-hop affirmation of the joy of movement is hypnotic. 

The CD’s quality continues through the closer, the 70s-tinged saga of “Sugar Coaster” mixing good nutrition with good music.

Diggity Dudes, Presidential Fitness Test

EP: Rock-ucation by Jeremy Plays Guitar

This 6-song EP from Jeremy Zmuda packages its language and social skills concepts in a delightful collection designed for younger kids. The short songs pack a big wallop, working as a course in getting along. “TGIF” explains the workings of a working family in Dad’s words. “I Like You” teaches that friends can disagree and still like each other. This collaboration among pre-school educators never feels like a lesson, yet every song lends itself to teachable moments.

"I Like You" by Jeremy Zemuda

SONG:  “Gotta Get Up” by the Sugar Free All Stars

The Oklahoma duo Sugar Free All Stars lighten winter’s morning darkness and rouse deep sleepers with “Gotta Get Up,” the funkified dance tune from their 2012 CD All on a Sunday Afternoon. Sweetening the song is kids’ music’s sweetest voice: Shine.

"Gotta Get Up" stop motion video

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