Get Well, Stay Well

The cold and flu season has begun. Prepare yourself with these new products to avoid or recover from illness. 

Place non-medicated BeKoool Soft Gel Sheets ($3.99, featuring Disney characters!) on your feverish child’s forehead to provide a cooling effect for up to eight hours.




Created by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the mobile app FluView (free for iPhone) shows trends of flu-like illnesses across the country and provides on-demand access to health department websites for more localized info.







The Kinsa Smart Thermometer ($18.99) connects to your smartphone to take your temperature, then offers care advice based on your symptoms. It also alerts you to potential illness outbreaks in your area.


The NutraBee Cold Buster Combo ($19.95) uses honey to soothe a sore throat through a combination of Sweet Treats candies and a jar of BeeGuard that’s packed with a natural antimicrobial to fight infection.

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