Game Review: Moms Confess

A Conversation-starter Game for Moms

A new card game encourages moms to share their hilarious and crazy lives with each other: Moms Confess has 55 conversation-starter cards with questions like “Which of your child’s bodily functions when ill grosses you out the most?” and “What body part would you like to get fixed?”

The card deck easily fits in a handbag, so you can play out at dinner with friends or while you wait for gymnastics practice to end. You can play with two or more moms for 10 minutes or for hours. Of course, you could also plan an evening get-together at your home and have some snacks and beverages while sharing (or oversharing!) the details of your parenting life.

The mom who created the game lays out four simple rules to play Moms Confess:

1. Answer honestly

2. Promise not to judge others

3. Have a card you don’t want? Skip it.

4. Have fun getting to know other moms!

MK reader Amanda G. won our Facebook contest and received a copy of the game supplied by the manufacturer. She played the game with her mom, aunt and best friend one night after the kids went to bed. “It was a super funny game. We really enjoyed it,” Amanda reports. “There were questions that made us cry with laughter but some that were tear jerkers.” 

Gather some mom friends and tackle the game’s mix of multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, open-response and true or false questions.

Amanda G.’s final thought: "I highly recommend the game to other moms who get some time to play!"

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