Fun & Easy Holiday Crafts

Ages 4+: Painted Pine Cones

With adult assistance, your little ones can make a sparkly centerpiece for your holiday table.


• Pinecones

• Glitter spray paint with built-in primer

• Brush-on glitter paint and paintbrush

• Glass vase or bowl

• Newspaper or an old towel

Instructions: Protect an outdoor surface with newspapers or an old towel, and stand the pinecones on it. Spray the pinecones with even strokes. Allow time to dry. Have young helpers add a second color of brush-on glitter paint. After the paint has dried, arrange the pinecones in a glass bowl or vase.

Ages 7+: Scented Star Sachets

Tuck a fragrant sachet into a drawer or add ribbon to hang it on a Christmas tree.


• Cinnamon sticks, whole cloves or dried oranges

• Needle and thread or sewing machine

• Scissors 

• Scrap pieces of fabric

• Pen or pencil

• Ribbon (optional)

Instructions: Trace two star shapes of equal size in faint pen or pencil on the fabric. Cut out the shapes. Older kids can use a sewing machine, while younger kids can hand stitch the star shapes together with adult supervision, leaving an opening on one side. Insert the cinnamon sticks, whole cloves or dried oranges through the opening, and sew it shut. Stitch a ribbon to the top of the star if you want to hang it.

Ages 12+: Make-a-Snowman Kit

Get the kids to help prepare their snowman kit before the next snowfall.


• Red fleece fabric (about 60” long)

• Scissors

• 9-10 small rocks 

• Black paint 

• An old top hat or black felt

• Plastic carrot

• Small wooden dowel 

• Hot glue gun 

• Paintbrush

Instructions: Cut 1⁄2-inch strips about 8 inches deep at both ends of the fleece to make the scarf. Brush the rocks with black paint for the “coal” mouth, eyes and buttons. Allow to dry. Cut a small hole in the bottom of the plastic carrot, and glue the small wooden dowel into it to make the nose. If you do not have an old black hat, cut a circle about 12 inches in diameter from a piece of black felt to create the brim. Cut a 10-inch circle for the top of the hat, and cut a 6-inch by 24-inch rectangle to form into the cylindrical portion of the top hat. Use hot glue to connect the pieces; then, cut out the center of the brim to make a hole for the snowman’s head.

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Alexa Bricker is a senior at Temple University and an intern at MetroKids. 

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