From the Mouths of Babes

What makes you pause during a busy day and take stock of what's really important in your family life? For MomSpeaker Erin Flynn Jay, it was a sweet sentiment from her 4-year-old daughter.

Back to school for my two girls. It was a hectic week of drop-offs, pick-ups, client work, grocery shopping, homework review and so forth. My first-grader started CCD after school. I am happy she is starting this program. It’s another activity to add to the schedule.

At a mailbox store yesterday, I joked with my 4-year-old: “When I am older, you can help me out.”

She said the sweetest words to me an hour or so later: “Mom, I will love you when you are old.” This comment made me stop for a moment. It really touched me.

How often do you cruise through your day, rushing the kids out the door in the morning and racing to get them after school? Do you really listen to what they have to say or are you focused on getting them there and back on time?

Young kids can say profound statements. They will thank you for taking care of them. Try to slow down and listen to what they are trying to get across.

Life has its challenges, such as job loss, a spouse’s illness, declining health of a parent. . . . . But when your child praises you for taking care of her, it lifts your spirit and carries you forward.

You want them to succeed, so you have to stay strong.

Stop comparing yourself to what your peers are doing on Facebook. It may appear as if your Facebook friends have perfect lives when you see photos of birthday parties, dinners out, lavish trips, etc.

One of my resolutions for the fall? Spend less time on Facebook. Focus on my client projects and caring for my family.

What comments have your children said to you lately that have touched your heart? Later on in life when you are older, you’ll want to remember these small expressions of love from them.

Erin Flynn Jay is a Philadelphia writer, public relations executive and mom of two young girls. Check out her blog, Mastering the Mommy Track.

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