Five things I’m grateful for this year


As the year winds down to a close, I’m counting my blessings. It’s been an exciting year, with my book published in September. As you know, I am not shy with posting media mentions.   

I made a quick list of items I am thankful for. Here they are:

Health: Fortunately, everyone is healthy in the Jay and Flynn families. My parents and brothers survived Hurricane Sandy (parents had some downed trees; brothers had longer commutes in the NYC area) — but nothing catastrophic. Do you appreciate your good health? Don’t take it for granted. Appreciate your weekly activities like playing with the kids at the park or driving them to birthday parties. Your health is your greatest asset.    

Family: My girls are really good kids. They are both doing well in school and adore their teachers. Kaitlyn has proven herself to be quite the artist and can draw figures better than I can. She is always asking me how to spell new words. Emma is now three — we are still working on the potty training but will get there in due time. Jason loves the company he works for.

Clients: I secured some new clients this year and look forward to winning more business in 2013. The entrepreneurial side of me won’t die, so I will continue to seek new contract work next year. 

Book Reviews: I’m promoting my book to save the cost of an outside publicist. Garnered positive reviews from Small Business Trends, Huffington Post, The ASJA Monthly, Midwest Book Review, and more. Thrilled that Mastering the Mommy Track is being well received.

New Opportunities: Writing the book has led to some new opportunities. I was accepted into the American Society of Journalists and Authors which was thrilling. Won’t delve into the rest of the resume items, but will close with the question: What are you most proud of professionally this year? What have been your stand-out moments?

I’m looking forward to connecting with more Moms in the new year, via social media and in person.

Try to slow down this season and enjoy the special moments as they happen. Happy holidays!

Erin Flynn Jay is a Philadelphia writer, public relations executive and mom of two preschoolers. Check out her blog, Mastering the Mommy Track.


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