Field Trips with Daddy

Today’s daddies probably have it harder than ever. They work all day or night to provide for their families, while also doing a lot more to help around the house. They fly home at lunch to share an extra meal with the kids then jet back to the office to finish out the work day. After work, its a mad dash home to switch clothes and head off to the fields where they will coach the kids in one sport or another.

This Father’s Day (or Memorial Day weekend), why not take a trip that’s all about dad, a special Father’s Field Trip. Here are some ideas from us and Parents magazine.

  • Let ‘em Be Wild– Pack them all up for a wild adventure with the wild animals of the zoo. If your zoo is anything like ours they’ll be showcasing the fathers of different species and how they nurture and raise their young.
  • Tee Time — Is your favorite dad a club-toting, golf-putting, kind of dad? If your children are older sign them up for a tee time with dad at a local course. On the younger side? Then, try some rounds of minature golf. Either way, daddy gets to show off his golf skills and teach the kids the game too.
  • A bicycle build for 2, 3, 4, or more — Why not take a trip down to your favorite shore resort? There you’re shore (pun intended :) ) to find a tandem bike that can accomodate your family. Rent one and enjoy a unique way to make the day memorable. Ride down the boardwalk. Stop to collect shells. Have a few funnel cakes [just watch out for hungry seagulls. ;) ] When the trip is done just return the tandem. Make sure you’ve snapped photos, though, you’ll want to remember this special day. You can check out to find businesses near you that rent bikes.

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  • Return to his roots — Do you remember where “daddy” made his favorite memories? Where did he go to school? Where was his favorite place to have an ice cream cone? Take a stroll down memory lane. Have daddy share his favorite childhood memories with the kids. Let your children see how daddy was as a child.
  • Pack a Picnic — Keep it simple. Pack a few sandwiches, drinks, snacks, suncreen, a blanket, and a ball. Head off to a local park. Take some quiet moments to enjoy a meal in a playful setting. Then, let the kids and daddy loose. Run! Climb! Kick! Laugh! Fall down! Get up! Repeat! How many daddies get enough time to do this with their kids?
  • Dinosaur, Rocketships, Trains — What is it that your children and their daddy share a passion for? Is it dinosaurs, rocketships, trains? There are rare museums, attractions, and farms to match all interests. Find the one that fits their passion and embark on a day where your kids can fuel that passion with their favorite buddy, their daddy.
  • Take me out to the ballgame – Does he enjoy baseball? Purchase tickets for him and the kids to enjoy a day at the ballpark. Major or minor league, it doesn’t matter. They’ll all enjoy counting up the strike outs, eating hot dogs, and singing that old familiar tune.

Mommies, if you plan the day right, it could even mean some quiet time at home, while daddy is off with the kids. [Oops, did I just say that out loud? ;) ] In the end, it’s Father’s Day. Think about their interests and plan around that. Forget the honey-do list for a day. For this day, Father’s Day, let your children truly enjoy their daddy and all that he means to them. It will be the best gift for both of them.

Jennifer Auer is a South Jersey mom. Check out her blog, Jersey Family Fun.

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