February 2015 Preview

Short month, long on meaning

For a short month, February brings a long list of celebrations that urge us to take stock, appreciate what we have and brainstorm ways to make the world better for our kids — and theirs.

MK Staff Picks:
What We’re …


Binge-watching: Now that Gilmore Girls is permanently parked atop our Netflix queue, it’s hard not to want to pop over to Stars Hollow after a long day for a virtual cup of Luke’s best coffee and an hour (or four) spent watching our favorite mother/
daughter besties trade pop-culture quips and share life lessons. 

Eating: Girl Scout cookie season lasts through early March. New flavors we’re trying include two gluten-free options: Toffee-tastic and the PB/chocolate chip/whole-grain-oat Trio. 

Reading: Girls Like Us. Long-listed for the 2014 National Book Award for Young People’s Literature, Gail Giles’ tale of two young women who graduate from a special-ed program and must find their way in the world is a heartfelt, realistic look at the challenges differently abled kids face as they age out of school.

Valentine’s Day is the commercial biggie, of course. As you’d expect, there are tons of V-Day events in our Family Fun Calendar. We’ve also got a mom’s letter to Cupid, lamenting the fact that the season of love has so successfully trickled down from being a time to renew attention on our partner to one where we lavish extra affection on our already doted-on offspring — something to consider as you chocolate-shop till you drop and run to umpteen stores to find the perfect branded-character card for your kids’ classmates. (How many Olafs bearing “warm hugs” will the average grade-schooler bring home in a decorated shoe box?)

Black History Month this year comes at a time when race relations have once again become a prominent headline. It’s more important than ever, then, to ensure that all our kids understand the significance of the African American journey, how far things have come and how much must yet be accomplished. Therefore, we have a primer on how to best discuss race and diversity with our kids and a comprehensive guide to area venues that highlight the history of the African American experience, starting with the African American Museum in Philadelphia, the prominent venue where we shot our current cover.

For some lighthearted cultural fun, click to see what your kids’ Chinese Zodiac signs are as we celebrate the Year of the Sheep’s arrival. I’m a sheep, my husband’s a rabbit and my kids are a dragon and a horse. That’s quite a menagerie, and it’s somewhat eerie how closely our traits align with the stars.

So here’s hoping that no matter what Punxsutawney Phil sees this coming Monday when he pokes his head out to forecast the length of winter, February brings your family love, compassion and warmth,


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