Elizabeth Mitchell

Meet a MetroKids Mom

MetroKids Magazine wants to get to know our readers and is excited to introduce a new feature in our magazine that spotlights a mom living in our area. We ask her to tell what she likes best about where she lives, share some parenting insights and more.

Meet Elizabeth,
our September 2011 MetroKids Mom:

The Basics

Chester County, PA
Kids & Pets: Eoin (Gaelic, pronounced “Owen”), age 4; Duncan, an Irish Wolfhound/Black Lab mix; Duckie the turtle

What do you feel makes your family unique?

My husband John and I work in the horse industry and we live on the farm I work at. So Eoin has the opportunity to have the childhood two “city kids” always wanted (I grew up outside of Phila., and John grew up in Dublin, Ireland). Of course, every time I say I’m jealous of Eoin’s childhood I think at some point he will remind me of the days I wake him up early to feed the horses.

Describe your philosophy on parenting.

Make it fun! Even the hardest lessons can be learned if you do it with a smile. And lead by example. If Eoin sees me reading, he wants to read; if I eat healthy, so will he.

What’s your favorite go-to dinner meal?

I love to cook in the crock-pot. Our day starts early and ends late, so if I can have dinner ready, that’s one thing checked off the to-do list.

Share a song lyric that inspires you or Eoin.

“Life is a highway!” Eoin loves this song when it comes on. He dances and sings and has a blast!

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