Preschool & Child Care

Tips For Starting a Child Care Business

Do you want to become a child care provider and open your own business? You’ll need to do your research on the following: Advocacy: “Speaking to policymakers … is a…

Child Care Trends in 2021

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that the right care from birth through childhood optimizes an individual’s health and overall success in life. Is it any wonder that…

Philadelphia Expands PHLConnectED to Pre-K Households

Philadelphia expanded PHLConnectED, a program that offers free high-speed internet to eligible students, to families with children in prekindergarten last week. The city launched the program, which was previously only…

Find quality child care in New Jersey

How do New Jersey Child Care Centers rate? New state system, Grow NJ Kids, sets benchmarks and rates participating child care centers such as Holding Hands Child Care and Play Center, while monitoring quality.

Teaching coding to kids

More schools are starting to teach forms of computer science to kids at a young age so they can benefit from the skills it helps them develop.

How to Spot Bullying

Figuring out whether or not your child is a victim of bullying can be a difficult task.

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