Elementary School

Why Do Some Kids Love School?

At NCCL School in Newark, DE, it's the philosophies of a progressive education that are key to student passion and success.

Teaching coding to kids

More schools are starting to teach forms of computer science to kids at a young age so they can benefit from the skills it helps them develop.

How to Spot Bullying

Figuring out whether or not your child is a victim of bullying can be a difficult task.

Mighty Writers' Weekend Festival for Writing and Kids in Philadelphia

Mighty Writers, a Philadelphia-based initiative to make kids better writers, will be holding its first student-literacy festival this weekend, with a dance party Friday, a writing carnival and talk by a “genius-grant” recipient Saturday, and a gospel-music breakfast Sunday. The…

Girls Build Robots in TechGirlz Camp at Villanova

The seventh TechGirlz Summer Camp came to a close on July 13 as the campers gathered in an auditorium at Villanova University to show their family and friends the robots they had learned how to build in just a week.…

How Ideas From European and Asian Schools Can Help Your Child

Education in the United States often attracts worldwide attention but it is also improved and enhanced by adapting international approaches to schools and learning. Here are four effective and popular strategies with origins elsewhere that are being implemented in local…

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