Drop-Side Crib Sales Banned

Home-repair of a crib's drop-side rail can be deadly, the Consumer Product Safety Commission warns.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has banned the manufacture, sale and resale of drop-side cribs.
The CPSC has recalled millions of the cribs, which have been blamed for the death of at least 30 babies in the past decade.

The cribs have a “drop side” rail that moves up and down, allowing parents to more easily remove their child. Malfunctioning hardware or parent errors in assembling the cribs can cause the drop-side rail to partially detach. That can create a gap between the rail and the mattress which can entrap and suffocate or strangle a baby.

The CPSC advises parents using drop-side cribs to check to make sure the rail is working properly and that it hasn’t been recalled. For a list of recalled cribs, visit www.cpsc.gov/cgi-bin/cribs.aspx

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