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Homeowners like rustic and vintage decorative styles because of their charm and personality, but it can be challenging to pull off beautiful results. For example, both rustic and vintage styles incorporate different pieces that have a distressed or aged appearance, and you need to incorporate the right combination of pieces into the room so  the area looks decorated and stylish, rather than old and worn out. By following a few helpful tips, you can achieve the decorative results you desire, and you may even be able to save a few dollars in the process. 

Select Vintage or Distressed Wood Pieces

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A hallmark feature in any rustic or vintage-themed space is distressed or aged wood. The wood should not be falling apart or in poor condition, but you can purchase it used to save money. Look for pieces that have distinctive flair, rather than those that just look old. A vintage look, for example, may have a distressed paint finish, and distressed wood for a rustic look may have been weathered beautifully. Neither should have peeling paint or splinters. In some cases, you may need to refinish the pieces so they appear to be in better condition while retaining their character and personality. 

Incorporate a Touch of New or Modern Elements 

When everything in the room looks old and outdated, the style goes from authentic to worn out. Carefully select the older or vintage items that you want in your space, and combine them with modern features that match the color scheme and style. For example, in a rustic living room, you can pair a distressed coffee table and end tables with newer sofas and chairs as well as new pillows and a throw. You'll retain the look of a newly styled space without sacrificing the vintage or rustic theme. 

Choose Your Colors Carefully

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Consider the color scheme in your space. A vintage or retro look from the 1950s, for example, may incorporate steel or aluminum with black, white and red. This mix can give the space a 50s diner style. A vintage look from the earlier 1900s may have an almost Victorian feel to it. It may incorporate touches of ivory or pale yellow with rose or lilac hues, and the overall ambiance may be more feminine and refined. Each type of décor has specific colors that work better with it than others, so pay careful attention to colors in design magazines and on websites that you browse for ideas. 

Pay Attention to the Smaller Details

If you are like many others DIY re-decorators, you may spend a considerable amount of time focusing on the selection of larger items such as a sofa or chairs. However, the smaller features in a room also can make a bold statement of their own. In fact, in some cases, the accessories that you decorate with will give you the ability to create the more authentic look you desire. For example, in a rustic space, the installation of sliding barn door hardware on cabinetry can add distinctive charm in an affordable way. You can use this hardware on your doorways as well to tie the look together. As you select your accessories, pay special attention to the impact their look has the space. 

Choose Light Fixtures With Care

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You choose hardware and other accessories with a focus on style; the same should hold true for the light fixtures. Frequently, homeowners will spend a lot of time and money trying to decorate their space without adjusting light fixtures accordingly. Light fixtures can be a focal point in a space, so the room will never look completely decorated if the fixtures do not match the room's new style.

Vintage and rustic décor are incredibly popular, and many homeowners dream about remodeling their space with one of these themes. You may have already started your remodeling project and be struggling to give the space the finished look you desire. Each component in the room should be in great condition, regardless of how old or weathered it is, and each item should serve a purpose from a decorative and functional standpoint. By following some of these helpful tips and carefully selecting each piece based on its look and overall condition, you can more easily achieve the rustic or vintage look you want. 

Mikkie is a freelance writer and mother of two who loves sharing her ideas on interior design, budgeting hacks and DIY. 

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