DIY Fun: Felt Busy Bags

It's the eternal mom conundrum — how to keep kids busy and when you are (without resorting to more screen time). MomSpeaker Jeanne McCullough calls upon her crafty instincts and premakes these felt Busy Bags. Here's how it's done.

My cousin recently had her second baby, so I knew this simple Busy Bag project would be ideal for her older daughter's 5th birthday because she can play with these on her own without any help while mom is occupied with new little sis. Busy Bags are awesome! They are bags that contain all the materials for one project. It can be a craft, a toy, a game, an educational project — the possibilities are endless. 

I happen to have a ton of felt left over from another project, so I put together four felt Busy Bags — Pizza, Flower Garden, Christmas Tree and (my favorite) Monster Face!

This project requires a lot of busy work (busy busy!), but it's not difficult. All you need is a good pair of scissors and your imagination!

Kids can play over and over with these Felt Busy Bags! My daughter loves them and will sit for a good 20 minutes while I cook dinner or fold laundry creating and recreating her masterpieces.

If you really want to put together a bunch of Busy Bags to have on hand for your kiddos, you can host a Busy Bag Exchange! Each mom (or dad) creates several of the same bag, buying all their materials in bulk. You'll want to make 1 bag for every family participating in the exchange. Then everyone gets together and shares their Busy Bags, and you'll each take home a variety of activities! There are tons of Busy Bag ideas on Pinterest if you'd like to follow along for ideas!  

Jeanne McCullough is a Montgomery County, PA mom. This post was adapted from her blog Mom Hearts Pinot.

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