DIY Backyard Fun on a Dollar Store Budget

This summer, I've vowed to do one Dollar Store Kids Project each week, to keep the kids busy all season long. Inspired by a Buzzfeed post, I'm on a mission to keep my five gremlins happy and occupied while staying on a budget. This week, we created a very simple Backyard Chalk and Bubble Station on the back deck.

We headed out to our local Dollar General and picked up two mini chalkboards, a pack of giant chalk, some bubble wands, other assorted bubbles and two small baskets. Using small picture nails and a hammer, I attached the baskets to the side of our deck. Using Velcro, I attached the chalkboards above each basket and labeled them with the chalk I bought.

The kids swarmed the Chalk and Bubble Station and had a total blast. I had to wrangle our 5-year-old off the bubbles, as his version of playing with them includes dumping bubble soap all over the deck until there's nothing left. Other than that, our first Backyard Dollar Store Kids Project has been a success.

Total cost for Backyard Chalk and Bubble Station: $15

EJ Curran is a Delaware mom. This post is adapted from her blog,

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