Disney's Brave: Who's That Girl?


On a recent lazy Monday afternoon, my daughter and I got into one of our usual debates. Normally they are over the silliest of things, and neither of us want to back down. My daughter is not only cute as pie, but she is smart as a whip and will debate with you until the sun comes down. We decided to watch the trailer of the movie Brave, starring a spirited redheaded girl named ???. Brave is now showing in theaters throughout the area.

And that is where the debate began.  My darling daughter, with her bottom tooth wiggling around in her mouth just ready to fall out at a moments notice, insisted that her name was Matida. I thought it sounded more like a version of Meredith-Merida.  I had an itching suspicion that this debate could turn into our last one, which was about lines in Mother Gothel's song "Mother Knows Best" from Disney's Tangled. Doing our best evil queen singing voices, we still go back and forth about that one! (Trust me, the irony of her not listening to me about a song titled "Mother Knows Best" has not been lost on me in the slightest!).

So I began researching the movie and eventually went right to the source and contacted Disney, and via email arrived our answer. We found out the fiery little girls name— Merida!  Ever since that moment, my tutu-wearing "mini-me" has been insisting that she has been saying Merida the whole time, while I was saying Matida. Oh, the joys of parenthood!

In case any of you have little ones who are chomping at the bit to go see "Brave," I have two little gifts for you. First is the trailer for the movie. And secondly, you can tell them about the determined female lead in the movie, the one and only "Merida."

Brave trailer

Jeanine Ludwikowski is a fun-loving mom of two living in the Philly burbs. You can follow her on Twitter @MommyEntourage. This post is adopted from her blog Mommy Entourage.


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