DE Students Win Business Awards

Brian Kelleher

Delaware students captured more than 90 awards at the recent National Leadership Conference of Business Professionals of America (BPA), held in Anaheim, CA. Some 250 First State middle and high school students competed with more than 5,500 students from throughout the U.S. in skill and leadership competitive events.

Brian Kelleher, a student at Pencader Business and Finance Charter High School in New Castle was elected National Secondary President. Kelleher also won second place in the organization’s WeSeed Social Circle Challenge, netting him a $1,000 scholarship, a paid internship and a computer.

Shannon Chin, also from Pencader, received a $1,000 national officer scholarship and Purvi Patel, a student at William Penn High School in New Castle was awarded a $500 scholarship. Bayard Middle School in Wilmington received a Quality Chapter Distinction award.

High school winners, competition category and placements include:

Alexis I. duPont High School, Advanced Spreadsheet, Michael Wu, 8th
Appoquinimink High School, Interview Skills, Mankaprr Conteh, 5th
Caesar Rodney High School, Computerized Accounting, Elizabeth Sellers, 6th; Fundamental Accounting, Brittany Holocek, 3rd; Administrative Support Team, Team Andaya, 6th
Delaware Military Academy, Parli Pro Written Team Event, Bradley Willis, Veronica Hanus, Dylan Kahler, Kyndel-lee Guinn, Cori Whatley, Christy Bugher & Shaili Shah, 1st
Delmar Jr/Sr High School, PC Servicing & Troubleshoot Written Test, Matt Miller, 1st
Dover High School, Fundamentals of Web Design, Kahn Duong, 6th; PC Servicing & Troubleshoot Written Test, Jon Dietz, 1st; Network Design Team, Team Dietz, 3rd; Small Business Management Team, Team Dave, 9th
Hodgson Vo-Tech, Admin Support Research Proj-Ind, Arian Hitchens, 10th; Basic Office Systems & Procedures, Kelly Martinez, 3rd; Basic Office Systems & Procedures, Kevin Welch, 8th; Fundamental Spreadsheet, Kevin Welch, 10th; Fundamental Word Processing Skills, Taranpreet Kaur, 1st
John Dickinson High School, PC Servicing & Troubleshoot Written Test, Peyman Barakhshan, 1st
Lake Forest High School, Management/Marketing/HR Concepts, Emily Sullivan, 5th
Newark High School, Admin Support Research Proj-Ind, Michael Bashkow, 9th
Pencader Charter High School, Human Resource Management, Brian Kelleher, 7th
Seaford Senior High School, Integrated Office Applications, Tuyet-Nhung Nguyen, 2nd
Smyrna High School, Advanced Spreadsheet, Rosie Mujica, 10th; Database Applications, Darrean Taylor, 9th. Parli Pro Written Team Event, Colin Hoveln, Jacqueline Holford, Jacob Stoner, Tina Mujica & Cartina Church, 1st
Sussex Technical High School, Desktop Publishing, Cartina Church, 2nd; PC Servicing & Troubleshoot Written Test, Drew Crouse, 1st
William Penn High School, Advanced Interview Skills, Kaitlyn Laws, 10th; Advanced Interview Skills, Purvi Patel, 9th; CISCO Systems Administration, Rodney Otto, 3rd; CISCO Systems Administration, Dean Arnold, 5th

Middle school winners, competition category and placements include:

Alfred G. Waters Middle School, Business Communication Skills, Rachel Wagner, 5th; Business Fundamentals, David Woodside, 2nd; Computer Literacy, Rachel Wagner, 5th; Graphic Design Promotion, Rachel Wagner, 3rd; Prepared Speaking, Rachel Wagner, 1st; Spreadsheet Applications, Emily Smith, 6th
Brandywine Springs winners Katie Ruttman and Ritche Kimball with advisor Eva FoxwellBrandywine Springs, Business Communication Skills, Katie Rutman, 1st; Business Fundamentals, Richie Kimball, 10th; Business Fundamentals, Katie Rutman, 3rd; Business Math, Richie Kimball, 2nd; Business Math, Katie Rutman, 6th; Computer Literacy, Richie Kimball, 10th
Cab Calloway School of the Arts, Business Communication Skills, Bryn Black, 10th; Business Communication Skills, Cara Fantini, 8th; Business Fundamentals, Reilly Megee, 1st’ Computer Literacy, Nikolas Eastburn, 8th; Extemporaneous Speech, Bryn Black, 1st; Extemporaneous Speech, Cara Fantini, 3rd;, Graphic Design Promotion, Reilly Megee, 1st; Prepared Speaking, Nate Fox, 2nd; Prepared Speaking, Terrie Goins, 3rd; Career Research Project Team, Team Black, 1st; Web Site Design Team, Team Eastburn, 2nd
Everett Meredith Middle School, Business Math, Carter Thompson, 7th; Keyboarding Production, Carter Thompson, 5th
Fred Fifer Middle School, Business Communication Skills, Stephanie Rodgers, 6th;  Business Math, Stephanie Rodgers, 1st; Keyboarding Production, Hannah Hastings, 2nd
Gauger Cobbs Middle School, Business Communication Skills, Hannah Ein, 2nd, Kevin Ye, 3rd & Kaitlin King, 9th; Business Fundamentals, Yasaswini Dandu, 7th; Business Math, Yasaswini Dandu, 4th; Business Math, Kevin Ye, 8th; Business Math, Dakotah Johnson, 9th; Computer Literacy, Connor Wilson, 4th; Keyboarding Production, Kevin Ye, 1st; Spreadsheet Applications, Oishiq Quabili, 4th; Career Research Project Team, Team Perez, 2nd
George V. Kirk Middle School, Spreadsheet Applications, Napiera Shareef, 3rd
Laurel Middle School, Business Fundamentals, Carol Elliott, 5th
MOT Charter School, Business Communication Skills, Tobias Mazal, 7th; Business Fundamentals, Tobias Mazal, 9th; Business Math, Tobias Mazal, 3rd; Graphic Design Promotion, William Swann, 7th; Spreadsheet Applications, Kristy Christiansen, 1st
Redding Middle School, Extemporaneous Speech, Jaya Bal, 2nd
Skyline Middle School, Keyboarding Production, Harshita Kandarpa, 3rd; Keyboarding Production, Melodie Melbouci, 4th
Stanton Middle School (Team # 1), Web Site Design Team, Team Trescott, 1st
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