CoverKids: Ethan, Sarah & Chandric


A trio of 2015 Main Line Talent Show winners have struck the right chord as CoverKids for our September issue. All three have impressive achievements in the world of music.

Ethan & Sarah Krohn, 15 & 14
Hometown: Berwyn, PA
Winning performance: A guitar and vocal version of Ed Sheeran’s “I See Fire”
Musical background: Both brother and sister began taking piano around age 5. Ethan has been playing guitar (electric and acoustic) for about four years, Sarah three (mostly acoustic). They learned at the Music Workshop in Berwyn, where Sarah still takes guitar, keyboard and voice. 
Biggest stages: Winning the Main Line Talent Show and performing in recitals at World Café Live.
Musical goals: Sarah dreams of becoming a successful singer/songwriter.

Chandric Lee, 10
Hometown: Gladwyne, PA
Winning performance: A virtuosic violin rendition of Fritz Kreister’s “Praeludium and Allegro”
Musical background: Mensa member Chandric, a scholar at the Davidson Institute for the Gifted, has studied violin since age 5, starting at Haverford’s Nelly Berman Music School and now studying privately.
Biggest stages: Carnegie Hall, the Kimmel Center, for a crowd of 6,000 in collaboration with the Piano Guys, on YouTube.
Musical goals: Chandric hopes to become a doctor and incorporate his music into the lives of his patients. 

If you have talented kids, keep an eye on for info on registering for the 2016 Main Line Talent Show.


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