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What is Self Esteem Builders? 

Chris' Five Keys to
Healthy Self-Esteem for Kids

1. Laughter
    – You can’t be mad if you're laughing.
    – Be silly – it’s fun!
    – Learn to laugh at oneself – it takes  
       courage to do so.
2. Choices – you always have one
    – Parents: Give kids choices.
    – Respect the choices of others.
    – Learn the art of compromise.
3. Friendships – It’s the glue that binds
    us together.

    – Each person brings unique qualities
       to our lives.
    – Realize that everyone is different.
4. Empowerment
    – Parents: Encourage kids to be their
      own person & to dream.
    – Parents: Reinforce that it doesn’t
      matter what other people think.
    – Pay it forward.
    – Validate one’s own feelings.
    – Be independent.
    – Build upon weaknesses
5. Love
    – Give lots of hugs & kisses – it's free!
    – Show affection
    – There's a saying, "If you smile, the  
       world smiles back at you.
       Smile often!

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My daughter was born with several medical problems. Her life hasn’t always been an easy journey. Because of this, and my social work background, I developed Self Esteem Builders, programs that offer learning tools, support and care, inspired by working with dedicated professionals who made a difference in my daughter’s life.

Favorite thing about Schwenksville:

We live in a fairly rural area, where pockets of farmland and open space still exist.

Go-to family vacation activity:

Camping — exploring nature at its best.

Kids’ summertime boredom remedy:

We keep active outdoors swimming, hiking and biking. We also volunteer in the community. This summer I hope to volunteer at nursing homes, along with the SPCA and local food bank.

Low self-esteem buster:

Provide love, support, encouragement and always maintain open communication. Line kids up with activities that will help in increasing their self-esteem. I recommend Girl Scouts, drama clubs and support groups.

Something to pass down to your kids:

Lots of laughter and finding humor in everything.

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