CCA Provides Students a Safe Haven From Bullying


When going back to school, the only thing students should have to worry about is reaching their full potential—not fears about bullying or personal safety.

Sadly, this is the situation faced by far too many students. According to, 20 percent of students aged 12-18 reported being bullied during the last 12 months and 70 percent of students report witnessing bullying in their school.

Bullying is defined as any aggressive, unwanted behavior among school-aged children and can take many forms. While the most common form of bullying is social or verbal, physical bullying, exclusion and threats remain a persistent problem experienced by many students.

Fortunately, as awareness of bullying grows, parents and teachers are better able to spot the warning signs of bullying, including changes in engagement with family members, teachers and peers; lack of participation at school; declining interest in organized activities, and changes in academic performance.

If your child exhibits any of these behavioral warning signs, they could be experiencing bullying in their current learning environment. Not only does bullying have serious, long-term emotional and psychological consequences, but if left unchecked, it could seriously affect your child’s academic performance.

Finding Safety at CCA

Unlike traditional brick-and-mortar schools, Commonwealth Charter Academy (CCA) provides a safe haven for students who have experienced bullying.

As a K through 12 public cyber charter school serving more than 9,500 Pennsylvania students, CCA knows safety and bullying concerns play an important role in many families’ decision on where to send their children to school. About 34 percent of CCA parents chose CCA because of safety concerns in their previous school, while 29 percent selected CCA because of bullying issues.

That’s why CCA offers a network of academic and family resources to help students overcome the aftermath of bullying and reach their full potential. At the focal point of these resources is CCA’s Student Assistance Program (SAP), which aims to identify and assist students who are facing non-academic barriers to learning, such as bullying. Once issues have been identified, SAP links students and their families to resources in their community that can help them craft appropriate accommodations.

While lessons at CCA are conducted online, school counselors are always available to help families and students as they transition to public cyber charter school. Not only are these professionals trained to listen and offer support, they can design strategies to successfully guide students through the healing process.

Students who have previously experienced bullying at school may have school-related anxieties, such as fear or distrust of teachers, fear of getting in trouble, or fear of getting called on in class. At CCA, school counselors work directly with teachers, parents and students to design a customized plan that meets each student’s individual needs. Many times, CCA can offer solutions not available in traditional schools, such as allowing students to attend virtual lessons or switching teachers.

“Here, there is no passing your bully in the hall or facing someone every day during sixth-period math class,” said Brian Comegna, manager of pupil services at CCA.

This collaborative, student-focused approach to learning ensures students have all the tools they need to overcome bullying and achieve their full potential.

Beyond bullying, CCA’s innovative learning platform to learning guarantees students’ academic progress is never held back by safety concerns. Because students attend live lessons and recorded lessons online, they have the freedom to learn when and where they want, including from the safety of their own home.

Safety is essential for parents like Jannell Banks, who lives in Philadelphia and has three students enrolled at CCA.

“It was a safety issue. That’s what made me look into cyber school,” Jannell said. “Once I did that I found the education was beyond the safety issue. The education at CCA was more hands-on which was funny for a cyber school. You would think that it’s not going to be more hands-on because it’s online, but it’s more hands-on, which was a plus for us.”

CCA is a public cyber charter school open to all Pennsylvania students in grades K through 12, with enrollment available throughout the school year. To learn more about how CCA can work for you and your family, visit

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