Baby-Proofing: Here’s What You Need to Know

Baby-proofing is an important step in every parent’s journey. As children grow, so does their curiosity. The goal is to make your home a...
Pregnant Woman

Baby Clothing and Care in the Delaware Valley

New baby, new clothes, new care! Being a new parent can be stressful as you're trying to adjust your schedule and figure out what works...
Pregnant Woman Looking At Belly In A Pink Flowered Field

Delaware Valley Doula and Midwife Highlights

Doulas Doula Belle 267-797-8892 Areas Served: Philadelphia, Southeastern Pennsylvania, South New Jersey and surrounding areas Doula Belle is LGBTQIA+ friendly and offers antepartum, birth and postpartum support and...
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Pettaway Pursuit Foundation Supports Disadvantaged Mothers

As Theresa Pettaway watched a nurse pour a gallon of breast milk down the drain, she was struck—not for the first time—with the thought...

Free Portraits for Families With Special Needs

A Delaware photographer provides free portraits for families who have children with disabilities through her Portraits with a Purpose program.

Fewer International Adoptions; More Open Adoptions

International adoptions are in decline, but there are many domestic options.

Genetic, Pregnancy Screening Tests for Baby and You

The number of conditions that can be detected in genetic screening is increasing. But which tests should you get?

Breastfeeding Support

Find out what Baby-Friendly hospitals do differently immediately after birth and how they support breastfeeding

Organization Projects To Tackle Before Baby Arrives

With baby on the way, it's natural to focus on the nursery. Here are some other places you can put those nesting instincts to good use!

Breastfeeding in Public

How to breastfeed in public — in comfort and with confidence.