Family Life

Summer Love: How to Handle your Kid’s First Crush

If your kids are going to camp this summer, there’s a good chance they’ll experience their first crush. What should you say and do...

What Type of Camp Will Your Child Like?

When I was younger, I only had one choice for summer camp—the town camp. The town camp was a traditional all-day (6-hour) camp with...

ADHD and Social Capital: How Your Child Can Build Strong Relationships

By Cheryl Maguire A group of medical school friends nominated Sasha Hamdani to create a memory book for their pregnant classmate. Hamdani worked hard on...

Conserving Through Art: Parents and Kids Can Fight Littering with Photos

Taking photos of litter is far from trashy. Pennsylvania is taking action against litter in a unique, artistic way. The “Lens on Litter” contest...

Three Siblings Became Pediatric Dentists — With a Mission of Giving Back

As Benjamin Franklin famously said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” The focus of Cavity Busters’ early childhood education program may...

August Roundup: Community and Family News in the Delaware Valley

Final Days: Philadelphia Chinese Lantern Festival in Franklin Square Visitors to Philadelphia in late summer may be familiar with the glow of thousands of lights—specifically,...
Andrea Denish

Saying Hello to Baby

By Andrea Denish “Nants’ ingonyama, bakithi, baba. Sithi hu ‘ngonyama.” It’s the opening scene to Disney’s “The Lion King,” and Simba is being raised up high...
Inclusive 1

‘Raising a Little Hell’ at Camp

Camper Victoria Saunders loves swimming at The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp in the summer. It’s not an activity she usually gets to...
Sara Sideman 1

Parent You Should Know: Sara Sideman

Sara Sideman did not go to Jewish camp growing up. (Sideman’s mother was a school speech pathologist, so she was home in the summer...
Dynamite Camp

Learn a Skill This Summer

With many summer camps closing their registration period only a few months into the year, you might be feeling the pressure to narrow down...