Campus Book Rentals offers students ways to save and make money on textbooks

Sometimes I desperately miss college. It really was an amazing period of my life. Go Penn State!

Then I remember those god awful expensive text books. Geesh. I'm sure they're even more expensive now.

 These days, however, students don't have to depend solely on the campus' bookstore. Students can instead turn to Campus Book Rentals and enjoy some pretty incredible benefits:

  • 40% to 80% off of bookstore prices
  • Free shipping both ways
  • Highlighting allowed in books
  • Flexible rental periods
  • 30 day risk-free returns
  • Live customer support
  • Donations made to Operation Smile with every textbook rental

When I checked out Campus Book Rentals earlier today, I typed in my favorite professor's name, Paul Durrenberger, who wrote all the textbooks for the courses he taught back at Dear Old State. Sure enough, all his material popped up for rental.

Campus Book Rentals promotional video

Campus Book Rentals also offers a new program called RentBack, which allows you to make money off of the textbooks you already own. Instead of selling them back to the bookstore, send them to Campus Book Rentals and you make money every time your book is rented by another student. As long as that book is in demand, you keep making money.

I messed around with this RentBack feature too and many of the textbooks I searched for were not in demand and therefore unrentable. You can't send in just any textbook. The trick is to have a book that's in demand and then this program will really work for you.

When you order from Campus Book Rentals, you're also supporting Operation Smile, an organization that provides surgeries for facial deformities like cleft palate and cleft lip to families that could otherwise not afford help. Operation Smile literally changes the lives of children affected with these deformities.

EJ Curran is a Delaware mom. This post was adapted from her blog, Four Little Monsters.

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