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Camp Is for All Kids!

People who work at camps for children with special needs will often report one universal truth about these programs. Once the kids enter the camp’s grounds, they’re no longer defined by their…

5 Tips for First-Time Overnight Campers

Whether you've attended summer camp as a child or whether your child is the first in your family to go to camp, sending your child to camp takes some preparation and…

When Fun Fulfills a Purpose

Parents know there is a small window of time to make a meaningful, positive impact on children and shape who they may become as adults. A large portion of that influence comes…

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Find a Travel Camp for Your Teen

Travel camps give children the opportunity and freedom to explore the world while also remaining safe and learning some things along the way.

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Special Needs Camps Empower Kids

Kids with special needs don’t have to miss out on the summer camp experience. Many camps are geared to specific disabilities. Others work hard to accommodate special needs.

Ready for Overnight Camp?

Camp directors say there's no magic age, but younger kids often adjust better than teen first-time campers.

The Camp Melting Pot

At summer camp, kids and cultures from diverse backgrounds learn cooperation and respect.

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