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Our camp partners take on some of the "hot topics" parents are thinking about when sending their children to summer camp.

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Our annual Super Camp Fair is the best opportunity to interact with camp representatives from all over the Delaware Valley. The day is full of family activities, giveaways, and entertainment. Pre-register now and receive a MetroKids goodie bag when you arrive!

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Start Here: Why Camp?

Let's face it: sending your kids to summer camp is an investment. While it may be easiest to let them nuzzle their noses in their screens all summer, we know it pays dividends to nudge them out of their comfort zone and into a camp program.

Best of: Niche Camps

There are hundreds of summer camp options in the Delaware Valley, so why not find one that engages your child's unique interests to a T? These articles give insight into finding specialized camps for all types of kids, from the avid young gardener to a child with diabetes.

Get Ready: Preparing for Camp

Getting ready to send your child to camp, whether a week at day camp or a month at a sleepaway camp, can be a nightmare. The worst thing you can do is wait until the last minute to start thinking about things like what to pack or how to properly budget for camp.

Quell Your Camp Concerns

It's totally normal to have concerns about sending your children to camp. We address some of parents' most frequent apprehensions like assuring kids stay healthy and safe at camp.

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