Books to Celebrate Father’s Day and New Siblings

10 Books that Explore Topics of Pregnancy and Fatherhood

Mary Westbrook is a children’s librarian at the Free Library of Philadelphia.

June ushers in the beginning of summer and Father’s Day. Changing seasons can also bring other changes, like pregnancy and new babies, into families’ lives. Celebrating a new sibling can be fun and an adjustment, but we have some books to help. Check them out from the Free Library of Philadelphia.

Board Book

Sweet Sweet Baby

Book covers courtesy of their publishers

“Sweet, Sweet Baby!”
by Javaka Steptoe

This board book celebrates all the joy a new baby brings. With beautiful illustrations by an award-winning author and illustrator, this book reveals the love between a new parent and child. Think about sharing this great book with a young child or perhaps a new sibling.


Picture Books


A cat valiantly resists  a bath

Book covers courtesy of their publishers

“Bathe the Cat”

by Alice B. McGinty and David Roberts

It’s cleaning day and the list of chores is long! As two dads and three young children try to accomplish it all before grandma shows up, everything seems to go wrong. The cat, who does not want a bath, cleverly arranges the chore list to avoid getting wet. As the chores get weirder and weirder, the laughs get louder and louder. With bold, bright and colorful illustrations, this picture book about working together is perfect for the family and a superb way to celebrate the fathers in your life.


A black man and his daughter share a nice day.

Book covers courtesy of their publishers

“Hair Love”
by Matthew A. Cherry and Vashti Harrison

Zuri’s dad doesn’t know much about styling her hair, but he’s determined to learn! This beautifully illustrated picture book about a father’s love for his daughter is a perfect read for Father’s Day. It also celebrates the tradition of Black hair; Zuri knows her hair is beautiful with all its kinks and curls. After reading the book, you can watch the award-winning animated short film by the same name.


A little caterpillar loves his father.

Book covers courtesy of their publishers

“I Love Dad with the Very Hungry Caterpillar”
by Eric Carle

Enter the world of Eric Carle to appreciate all the wonderful things about the guy we call dad. With his signature colorful illustrations, Carle brings back some favorite characters to show love and appreciation for dads. For example, Brown Bear Dad is always there to lend a helping hand.



a book cover with many different babies.

Book covers courtesy of their publishers

“You Are New Here”
by Lucy Knisley

This picture book reflects on newborns and new parents. With simple, rhyming text and colorful illustrations, this book is perfect for a family read-aloud. The work not only introduces babies to the world but also new parents and sibling to the baby. We experience the world from a newborn’s eyes.


A family stands  in forest in  the fall.

Book covers courtesy of their publishers

“Nine Months: Before a Baby is Born”
by Miranda Paul and Jason Chin

Here’s a picture book that takes the family on a journey through pregnancy. Follow along with the family through the seasons as they prepare and wait for a new baby to be born. This beautifully illustrated picture book not only tells a story but also offers informational text, with real facts about pregnancy, child development and backmatter that elaborates on it all.

Easy Readers

a child playing baseball.

Book covers courtesy of their publishers

“Get a Hit, Mo!”
by David A. Adler and Sam Ricks

Summertime means baseball time. In this easy reader, part of the Mo Jackson series, Mo is ready for baseball season. Mo is frustrated because he always bats last and always plays right field. He is determined to help his team win. This easy reader is perfect for children who are starting to read independently, and it offers bold text and colorful illustrations. Your child will be rooting for Mo to get that big hit!


Two cupcakes are friends.

Book covers courtesy of their publishers

“A Fun Day at Fun Park”
by Lola M. Schaefer and Savannah Allen

Sprinkles and Swirls are cupcakes who are ready for a fun summer adventure. In this easy reader graphic novel, we follow the colorful duo on a trip to Fun Park. Join them as they play games and go on amusement rides. This brightly illustrated book is perfect for newly independent readers looking for a fun-filled book to enjoy.



Middle-Grade Books

A house in a forest.

Book covers courtesy of their publishers

“Here in the Real World”
by Sara Pennypacker

Ware is ready to spend the summer in his world doing whatever he wants. However, circumstances find him joining the summer rec program at the community center. Still determined to spend summer his way, Ware skips out and meets a new friend, Jolene. This middle-grade novel follows Ware and Jolene’s summer antics and their determination to save an abandoned lot. This realistic fiction book is filled with heart, family and laughs.


There are some children in a garden which is  evidently a secret.

Book covers courtesy of their publishers

“Secret Garden on 81st Street”
by Ivy Noelle Weir and Amber Padilla

This middle-grade graphic novel is loosely based on the classic children’s book “The Secret Garden.” In this adaptation, Mary is living in Silicon Valley when her parents unexpectedly pass away. She moves to New York City to live with an uncle she doesn’t know. When Mary discovers a rooftop garden, she is determined to bring it back to life. With the help of her reclusive cousin and a neighbor, Mary spends all spring and summer learning about plants. She is also determined to bring her cousin and his father closer together.

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