Blues-ical genius and silly wit

CD: Blues in All Flavors by Gaye Adegbalola of Saffire The Uppity Blues Woman

Longtime teacher Gaye Adegbalola brings blues-ical genius to family music with this collection of blues styles and learning activities for all. Her growly-voiced invitation to “shake yo’ happy hips…oh yeah” immediately sends you outside with “The Sunshine Shake.” “Blues for the Greens” is a love song to broccoli, “with that cute little bushy head.” Classic covers include a soulful take on “Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah,” James Brown’s “Please Please Please” and “Wooly Bully” turned into “Stop That Bully.” The mournful “It Hurts” describes being picked last. Adegbalola’s natural openness fits beautifully with basic kid themes.

Adegbalola talks about the album:


CD: Champions of the Universe by Ratboy Jr.

This CD from Ratboy Jr. sparkles with the duo’s songwriting wit. “Bill” is a rock song, literally. It’s about a rock. “How to Eat a Cloud” (“first: make sure you’re allowed”) and the title tale about La Cabeza Grande’s quest to be a wrestler mix musical depth with silliness. “Pretend Your Hand’s a Puppet” is a bouncing rocker. It’s a wonderful CD, beautifully produced by Dog on Fleas’ Dean Jones.

The band improvises, then plays “Pretend Your Hand’s a Puppet”

“Guitar Pickin' Chicken” by Ratboy Jr.

Concerts: Justin Roberts and Trout Fishing in America

Trout Fishing in America

Justin Roberts

Two top acts head our way Sun., April 28. Family music superstar Justin Roberts & the Not Ready for Naptime Players perform at Philadelphia’s World Café Live at 11:30am (doors open at 11; $12). Roberts’ Lullaby CD is a nearly perfect collection of infectious sweet-voiced wonder.

“Count Them As They Go” by Justin Roberts

“Obsessed by Trucks” by Justin Roberts

Trout Fishing in America plays at the family-friendly New Hope Winery (lunch 1pm, show 2pm; adults $30, kids $15). Be prepared to shout along to songs from the band’s upcoming CD. 

“Don’t Touch My Stuff” by Trout Fishing in America

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