Baby Shower Planning

Party themes for pregnant women

Planning a baby shower? Now that the coed shower and gender-reveal party have become de rigueur, let's look at some of the newer baby-shower themes out there.

The green shower: Reduce, reuse, recycle, rejoice. Instead of purchasing new items, guests give their own gently used baby clothes, toys and gear fresh life by bequeathing them to mom-to-be. (No car seats or anything else with a safety expiration date.)

The adoption shower: Theme the party to the country of the baby’s origin and make sure guests know the gender and age of the child so they can purchase appropriate sizes.

The sprinkle: Keep it casual and “sprinkle” second-, third- or fourth-time moms who already have big-ticket items with disposable necessities like diapers, binkies or gender-specific stuff for a babe whose older sibs are a different sex.

The cash-only shower: Instead of loading up the guest of honor pre-baby, guests bring cash, checks or gift cards so she can make precise purchases or pool the money for a major expense.

The spa shower: Who couldn’t use a prenatal pampering? Hire a masseuse or manicurist or head to a day spa. Encourage guests to throw relaxing lotions, candles and bath salts into a gift bag just for mom. 

The diaper dinner: Assign every guest a diaper size and mandate that nappies be the only gift. This cuts down on a major ongoing expense and ensures that there’s always an emergency bum-cover in the house.

The Sip & See: Too busy for a shower before baby? Wait until after the birth, then invite the crew over for some festive mock- or cocktails (that’s the “sip”) and to meet the new arrival (that’s the “see”). 

PS: Looking for some cool baby tech to gift mom-to-be? We've got a cool swing suggestion here.

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