Baby Advice Kate and Wills Don't Need — But You Might!

Without a royal staff on hand, new moms must figure out how to budget and care for their babies on their own.

Welcome to the world, Prince George Alexander Louis. You're one lucky little heir, with the attention of a loving family, a doting nation and a raft of staffers available to attend your every coo and cry.

There's no reason to believe Kate and Wills won't be wonderful parents. They certainly look thrilled. But with so much support in their royal pockets, new parent advice is one thing they don't need. The rest of us, however, can always do with a few tips on budgeting and caring for baby. In honor of the new prince, here's a look back at some of our favorite baby advice articles from the MetroKids archives.

Things like:

"Baby Budget Basics"–10 tips to reduce baby expenses

"Baby Food for Thought"–a Q&A with pediatricians and baby safety experts about feeding a newborn

"What Happens Postpartum"–MomSpeak blogger Paige Wolf enumerates 10 things no one tells you about the immediate aftermath of childbirth

"4 Reasons Babies Refuse to Nurse"–and what you can do about it

"Advice Is Hard to Swallow"–how to handle meddling queries if you've decided against breast-feeding

"Birthmark Basics"–a primer on common birthmarks and how they're treated

"Colic Relief for Baby–and You"–soothe tummies and sleep at night

"New Moms Make Mistakes"–natch

"After Baby Arrives, Still Friends!"–how to nurture your own friendships while concentrating on baby

And finally . . .

"Tickle Your Toddler's Funny Bone"–how to develop their sense of humor from the get-go (maybe Uncle Harry can do that for baby George)

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