Autism Awareness Gift Guide

For families, teachers or therapists

Here is another fun list of gifts for raising awareness about autism and for parents who want to show their pride. Also, don’t miss the great list of toys that my son’s BSC put together for kids with autism or other developmental disabilities.

Weighted Blanket — I’ve looked into making these myself, but by the time you buy everything, it’s just as easy and about the same price to just buy one already made.

Puzzle Bracelet — How cute is this thing? And it should be under $10. Great gift for teachers and therapists.

Puzzle Keyring — A great gift for coworkers if you work in the field of autism.

Puzzle sticker for car window — This is the cutest sticker I’ve seen, and when I ordered it, it was under $3.

Ribbon Pin — Hey, for under a buck…how can you go wrong?

10 Things Every Child with Autism Wishes You Knew — This book gets decent reviews. Great for parents, siblings, even the kids themselves — they can read it and know they are not alone.

1001 Great Ideas for Raising or Teaching Kids with Autism — I have lots of great ideas, but I don’t think I have even 100, let alone 1,000.

Autism: A Practical Guide for Parents — Never hurts to be practical.

"I see the potential" T-shirt — Because we do see the potential!

"I raise a child with autism, what’s your superpower?" T-shirt — For your favorite SuperMom.

Emergency Sticker — Yes, it bothered me that this wasn’t in people-first language, but lately I’ve been told several times that some people with autism prefer it this way. Either way, the sticker is a great idea and in an emergency I wouldn’t be arguing over people-first language.

"Dare to be different" T-shirt — A great message on a cute tee.

Lisa Lightner is a Chester County, PA mom of two. This post was adapted from the blog A Day in Our Shoes, which she co-authors. It provides support, resources and advocacy services for parents of children with special needs.

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