Author: Sandra Telep

The darkest days of winter

With mixed traditions lasting well into January, mom blogger Sandra Telep's family has adopted a "Darkest Days of Winter" calendar of Christmas, New Year's and solstice activities.

Snow Day

Yep, its snowing again. Here's how mom blogger Sandra Telep has been dealing with the cabin fever of a snow day stretch.

A West Philly Family

Mom blogger Sandra Telep and her family prepare for a move, then find that their West Philly roots were stronger than she thought.

Off the Charts

Mom blogger Sandra Telep reports on how the sticker chart parenting concept is working in her house.

I Fought the Bow . . . and the Bow Won

I have always been of the school of thought that those huge bows/flowers that people strapped to their babies' heads were ridiculous. Are people really that desperate to let people know that the tiny human they are carrying is a…

Operation: Story Time

How do you get a reluctant toddler to take a nap? Mom blogger Sandra Telep found that reading her son all the books he wants brings on sleep — for her too!

Raw veggie embargo lifted

Leo isn't a picky eater, exactly. He will eat just about anything if he's in the right mood, but will exercise his free will arbitrarily  One night he will heartily eat spinach and sweet potatoes over an artichoke and white bean…

Ode To Cardboard

We have been spending a lot of time at home. It's been sticky hot and while I've proved I can leave the house with two kids in tow, it still feels like quite an ordeal. Luckily I'm blessed with a…

The Many Perks of Manners

Mom blogger Sandra Telep finds herself delighted by her 2-year-old son's polite, positive expressions. They validate talking to children kindly and respectfully