Author: Raya Fagg

College for Everyone?

Why one mom is so excited about President Obama's proposal to make two-year community college free for responsible students

Mother to Son

On the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech, mom blogger Raya Fagg lays out her hopes for her own son.

Scouting is a family affair

Each Saturday my family dons the uniform of Boy and Girl Scouts and spends the day at White Rock Baptist Church. Any given day, there is some scout related activity in our home. In the fall it’s recruiting for our…

A Stitch in Time

In knitting, mom blogger Raya Fagg finds relaxation, inspiration to create homemade Christmas gift and a way to express love to her children.

Why not today?

Inspired by her teenager's dedication to the high school marching band, Mom blogger Raya Fagg reviews goals she has put off.