Author: M.B. Sanok

Mom's bucket list

Been thrown up on Been locked out of the house by the kids Tended a skinned knee while cringing and feeling faint by the sight of blood Read a book to them using funny voices Hid from the kids to…

Why I send my son to camp

Summer camp always seemed weird to me and made me think of horror movies like Friday the 13th.  I never imagined sending my children to camp, especially since I’m a stay-at-home mom who never went to camp.  Even after writing…

No more 'Little Hooker' clothing lines

The permission slip specifically noted “no thong bikinis” for the annual field day.  A friend asked me if we received the same letter at my son’s school in the same district which, amazingly, we didn’t.  A few other heads turned…

Spoiled by Swimming Pools

Mom blogger M.B.Sanok reminisces about her childhood swimming pool experiences. As a mom, she finds her local pool's benefits outweigh the costs.

Catching the Cheering Spirit

Mom blogger M.B. Sanok finds inspiration from her daughter's participation in the South Jersey Storm Twisters, a cheerleading squad for kids with special needs.