Author: Lisa Weinstein

Fun With FAFSA

If you have a student who's preparing for college, and you're applying for financial aid, this post may sound eerily familiar.

I Miss Her More When She's Home

On that fateful day when the doctor in the delivery room handed me a tiny, six pound baby girl, I could never have imagined coming face-to-face with anyone quite so beautiful, or loving someone quite so much. As my husband…

The Hanukkah Fairy

A humorous tale of how one mom made up the "Hanukkah Fairy" to help her 5-year-old daughter, who felt left out when her classmates celebrated Christmas

Countdown to an Empty Nest

Mom blogger Lisa Weinstein braces herself for the end of her daughter's senior year of high school and the day she drops her baby off at college.

The Apology

A mom who's bullied and been bullied ponders the statute of limitations on an apology.

Disney Without Me?

What happens when kids age out of the family vacation and get ready to go to Disney World without mom and dad?

Melissa Fell Down

As her daughter drives for the first time, a long-ago tricycle ride is on mom blogger Lisa Weinstein's mind.

The Change Jar

Mom blogger Lisa Weinstein reflects on everything the humble change jar has afforded her family.

Mom, You Moron

On the occasion of Mother's Day, mom blogger Lisa Weinstein reflects on her role as a mom, as seen through the eyes of her teenage daughter.

Sibling differences

Mom blogger Lisa Weinstein recalls how she felt when an aunt gave more attention to her sister. She should have known better.