Author: Jeanne McCullough

Dear Santa...

Mom blogger Jeanne McCullough has a special request for Santa this Christmas — the use of an elf.

New Friend

Mom blogger Jeanne McCullough deals daily with her daughter's imaginary "Pretend Friend."

Ribbon Wands

Here's a fun craft for kids — and yet another use for toilet paper tubes!!  My daughter absolutely loves these ribbon wands! Simply punch several holes toward the top of one end of the tube, tie as many ribbons as…

Who, mii?

Mom blogger Jeanne McCullough decides Wii is the way to lose some weight. Despite the electronics, she manages a tentative beginning.

6 months to life

Mom blogger Jeanne McCullough finds that parenthood has given her a new empathy, not only for children but for all people.

Fear and self-loathing

Mom blogger Jeanne McCullough recalls her teen self-esteem issues and says women should stop expressing self-loathing in front of young girls.

The Calm

Blogger Jeanne McCullough posts from her hospital bed after the birth of her second child, Ryan David.

A Farewell to Tai-Ta

Blogger Jeanne McCullough anticipates the sad day when a tiger will no longer be a tai-ta to her toddler daughter Anna.