Auld & New

A preview of the January 2014 issue of MetroKids

Of the seemingly millions of pictures I’ve taken of my kids over the years, their Baby New Year shots hold a particularly warm place in my heart. You know the image — chubby baby wearing nothing but a diaper on his bottom and a burpie slung over one shoulder, beauty pageant-style, emblazoned with paper cut-outs announcing the change in calendar digits

I asked my older son how he’d feel about my sharing his year 2000 pic on this page. “Mom,” he said, teen mortification evident, “that picture’s just for family!”

So I’ve been overruled. No Baby New Year photos from Auld Lang Synes past. What I can share unreservedly is our hope that the articles in this first MetroKids of 2014 will help you plan for a happy family new year.

First up: the debut of our annual Camp Directory (find a searchable version of it here), accompanied by a charming piece on the intangible benefits the camp experience instills. Summer may seem like forever away, but you know how fast winter flies. Start reading up now, so that when you join us at the MetroKids Super Camp Fair on Jan. 26, you’ll have an idea about which camp booths you’ll want to visit.

Now that you have Jan. 26 booked, the other squares on that calendar grid are bound to fill up fast. That’s why we’ve included a handy list of digital timesavers for busy parents. Click here and check out the suggested links and apps; you’ll have plenty of free time down the road if you do.

Speaking of free time, why not use it to read to your kids? The earlier you do, the better a reading start they’ll have, as literacy experts tell us in “Get Ready to Read.”

And if New Year’s resolutions are your thing, maybe it’s time to rethink the good old sticker chart reward system. Benevolent bribes in the kids’ best interest may turn out to do more harm than good.

Rewards are funny things. Recently, thinking I’d show confidence in my 14-year-old, I told my older son that if any of his close friends were having a New Year’s Eve party, I’d let him go. “Mom,” he said, shocked that I’d even consider the idea, “New Year’s Eve is just for family!”

Happy New Year, indeed,


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