April 2015 Preview

Let’s get right into it: Spring brings standardized-test season to the area’s schools, and the debate surrounding these benchmark assessments is louder than ever, in both educator and parent circles. 

Maybe you agree with No Child Left Behind mandates that hold up standardized tests as the best way to compare the quality of education from state to state, town to town, district to district. Maybe you’re concerned that your child hasn’t learned all he needs to or gets too stressed to do well. Maybe you’ve opted your child out of taking the test, to protest class time lost to preparation or the way scores affect your school’s bottom line and staff. Whichever side you fall on, we hope our article helps elucidate a deeply complex and personal topic.

Speaking of complex and personal, April also brings to the forefront the challenges of families dealing with autism spectrum disorders. To celebrate National Autism Awareness Month, we look at autism through a child’s eye — you may be surprised to find just how aware many kids with ASDs are about what makes them different. For parents, ASD education’s the focus, with adaptable teacher tactics and our first-ever dedicated Autism School Survey, with stats and info on the strengths of the area’s dedicated schools. 

With Earth Day right around the corner, we shine our Family Fun spotlight on the area's many fantastic nature venues, parks and sites, with very specific tips on how you can enjoy these al fresco faves with kids in tow. 

Finally, as you read this issue you may notice some new medallions on our pages. We’re proud to have won four 2015 Parenting Media Association editorial awards — including a silver for this column — and believe more than ever in our mission to deliver the best possible local parenting info you’ll find anywhere to you, our fantastic readers.

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