An Overview of PoliticalFest in Philly


Editor's Note: Sarah Hullihen won our giveaway of a family four-pack of tickets to PoliticalFest and shares with us her excitement as she visited the many attractions. Sarah has her own blog, loves presidential history and wants to be president herself some day. Check back for more of her adventures through PoliticalFest this week.


Hello! This post is about my recent visit to Philadelphia on the first day of Political Fest, and I saw many very cool exhibits there. Some places we went to were the National Constitution Center, the Pennsylvania Convention Center and the Philadelphia History Museum. First, we went to the Constitution Center and looked at all the exhibits. We decided that we wanted to see something else, so we headed to the Convention Center. But before we went to the Convention Center, we went into the “C-Span” bus. That is the channel that does political announcements.

I was able to visit all seven of the PoliticalFest stops, including the Constitution Center, the PA Convention Center, the National Liberty Museum, the Philadelphia History Museum, The Library Company of Philadelphia, The Historical Society of Pennsylvania and the Heritage Center of the Union League.


At the Convention Center, they had connecting pieces that were like Tinker Toys. They had a giant Liberty Bell made of them, too! After that, we headed over to an exhibit with an exact model of the Liberty Bell made from the same material as the actual one.






Did you know that there are donkeys around town? Find your state and take a picture with your donkey! Check back soon for more pictures from PoliticalFest!


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