Baby-Proofing: Here's What You Need to Know

Baby-proofing is an important step in every parent’s journey. As children grow, so does their curiosity. The goal is to make your home a safe place for them to play and explore…

Good Intentions Don't Prevent Cavities

Parents choose juice boxes, gummy vitamins and bottled water with their kids' health in mind, but it could lead to more cavities, warns Dr. Rachel A. Maher.

The Safety of Children’s Food

Pediatrician and MomSpeak blogger Katie Lockwood discusses ways to avoid additives and plastics when preparing food for your family.

7 Outdoor Activities for Babies That are Fun and Safe

Summertime is so much fun for babies, but it can also be challenging! Babies can’t be in direct sunlight and need lots of breaks for feedings, naps, and diaper changes. New moms may be tempted to stay inside all summer,…

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