2000+ Placements. 15+ years in service. 1 mission.

Since 2008, Apex Social Group has been providing a one of a kind, live-in child care solution that fosters development and unlocks each child’s full potential. They have honed their expertise in assisting families with special needs and offer tailored support and guidance, along with an exceptional pool of candidates.

Apex Care Professionals are unique. They are dedicated individuals who have chosen careers in health, therapy, or education. With backgrounds in Occupational, Speech, or Physical Therapy, pediatric nursing, early childhood education, RBT, and more, they bring a wealth of expertise to your home. They collaborate with your child’s therapists, integrating their knowledge into the care routine. By utilizing the Apex Individual Care Plan, the Care Professionals work closely with their Apex Educational and Therapeutic Resources Coach to create a comprehensive, goal-focused child care approach that nurtures your child’s growth and supports outcomes important to the family. They become an invaluable part of your in-home care team.

What sets Apex Care Professionals apart is their strong community. Over the past 15 years, they have cultivated a network of talented individuals committed to delivering consistent, top-notch child care with experience working with children that have autism, ADHD, cerebral palsy, and other special needs. When you choose Apex Social, you gain access to a skilled and reliable talent pool that you can trust. View their Care Professionals HERE!*

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