A Winner from Yosi & the Superdads

Yosi & the Superdads grab a place among the year’s best with Super Kids Rock!

“B-E-A-C-H” conjures up surf and sand with outstanding guitar work that shines throughout the CD. “Yes We Can” celebrates Barack Obama’s inspiration of kids with a mix of bluesy harmonica, joyful rock guitar and references to “The Little Engine That Could.”

“Squeaky, the Line Leader” brings hard-driving Ramones-flavored motorcycle music to the saga of a hamster. “Funky Monkey” tricks the ear with folky sounds before bursting forth with funky power. The brass and rhythm sections of this big-sounding band are as strong as the guitar.

Yosi’s cover of the Pixies’ “Hey” adds a toddler’s voice on each “Hey” with sweet results. Parents will laugh at “So You Want to Be a Kid’s Rock Star” with lines like “with your business cards you’ll be playing backyards.” It’s music for serious rockers by rockers who don’t take themselves too seriously. www.yosimusic.com

A Very Literate CD

Rocknoceros is a male trio with a very literate CD, Pink. The title tune takes a ’60s fun rock tune about the color that’s “okay for the boys but loved by the girls” and warns to use it “judiciously.”

“The Train Song” mixes boogie-woogie and rhythmic Beat poetry about “taking Uncle Neds and newlyweds out celebratin’ on their honeymoon.” “Lucky Lindy” teaches history about aviator Charles Lindbergh and his times when “the President of France would greet him, and Calvin Coolidge too would meet him.” The kicker on the haunting (almost creepy) production of the song is a marvelous French horn solo.

“Virginia” celebrates the band’s home with twangy educational facts about the state bird (cardinal) and the diversity of land, people and history that bring them home. It makes a terrific state song. This reference-heavy CD will generate lots of “look it up” conversations. www.rocknoceros.com

Song Selection: The Hipwaders’ "Field Trip"

The Hipwaders’ latest CD, Goodie Bag, includes “Field Trip,” an imaginative treasure about an out-of-this world journey. The joy is in the psychedelic “Sgt. Pepper” production. www.hipwaders.net

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