A Mom's Vacation Planning Tips

Now is the time to plan your vacations and other special events that you want to attend this year. Do this whether you work for someone else, yourself or “just” your own family. Oddly, planning for time off or time away can be a big source of family stress, so take these steps now.

Pull out whatever calendar you use. Whether it is electronic or paper doesn’t matter. It should be something you can reference, and ideally you should be able to see a month at a glance.

Peg your first block of vacation this year. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a two-week trip or a long weekend at the shore. Pencil it in.

Decide what other major events you have coming up. Does the spouse have a significant birthday? Are the kids entering school for the first time or leaving for college? Do you want to take a class or conference later this year? Find out when those things will happen, and pencil them in, even if you don’t know the exact date.

Mark some times to prep for the party, plan the travel arrangements and even shop for new outfits if needed. These things don’t happen on their own or by magic travel gnomes, ya know.

Once you have your list of big events, share with your family, get their input and ask them to block their calendar as well. Especially if you dream of a shared vacation with extended family or friends, you might need to start planning earlier than normal.

We all experience the passage of time more quickly as we age. One way to combat the out-of-control feeling that many of us experience is to schedule in milestone that allow us to look forward and then create memories where we look back. This is kind of like focusing our eyes on the horizon to avoid becoming seasick. I hope you are already enjoying your planned events this year.

Darla DeMorrow is a Wayne, PA mom, professional organizer and author. This post was adapted from her blog Heartwork Organizing. She also blogs at The Pregnant Entrepreneur.

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