3D Living — A Haiku (and a post)


For the last few weeks, Ayva and I have been unplugged. We haven't watched television in 3 weeks. I'll admit, this wasn't a decision based on some scientific knowledge based on the effects of television on young children, although research does suggest that exposure to the "boob tube" has lots of negative effects. My decision was based on the fact that cable is so darn high, and with tumbling classes, an upcoming trip to a wedding and other expenses, something had to go. Cable (and thus, television) was an easy choice.

Here's the thing about unplugging…it actually doesn't suck. Ayva, always precocious and expressive, is becoming even more so, exercising her creativity a lot more nowadays, playing pretend, using her craft materials to design awesome artwork, and even making suggestions for things she'd like us to do together outside of the house, i.e. "Mom, let's go to the playground, I think" or "Mom, let's blow bubbles, I think."

I'm baking (!!!), cooking dinner every night, and getting to bed at a reasonable hour every night.

I love television, don't get me wrong. Love it. I even like shows like Blue's Clues and The Fresh Beat Band for Ayva. They're fun and educational, and both she and I enjoy them. The thing about it, though, is that those shows can be a special treat. Every once in awhile, I can pop them into the DVD player, and she can watch an episode…and then get back to coloring, reading, making necklaces or whatever else she can imagine!

      It's time to unplug.
      Let's go play, dance and explore.
      Living in 3D.

Brandi Jeter is a Philadelphia mom. This post was adapted from her blog, Mama Knows It All.


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