10 Things to Know About Your Child


We spend so much time with our children, but how well do you know their inner thoughts and wishes? MomSpeaker Toni Langdon lists 10 things every parent should know about their child to really understand who their little people are. Take the list and spark a conversation.



  1. What makes them happy?
  2. What do they want to be when they grow up?
  3. What's their favorite book?
  4. Where are they when they are happiest?
  5. What makes them sad?
  6. What makes them laugh?
  7. What's their favorite color?
  8. Do they dream?
  9. What makes them feel loved?
  10. What's their favorite ice cream?

Toni Langdon is a single mom of two daughters living in Chester County, PA. Toni is a nonstop mom juggling work, parenting and life. She brings a unique perspective while having a black belt in martial arts, a love for fashion and a passion for giving back. This post is adapted from her blog Tickles and Time Outs


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