10 Reasons to Join a Mom's Club

Mom’s clubs offer way more than a morning out. Here are 10 reasons to consider joining one.

1 A safe, personal forum. Speakers discuss personal issues such as post partum depression and eating disorders, encouraging mothers to open up and share their feelings in a safe environment.

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2 Support. Whether providing meals when a new baby comes home or rides for siblings when a parent or child is sick, the support of other moms can make a big difference.

3 Introduction to a new community.
When moving with toddlers to a new area, a mom’s club can introduce you to new friends and important places in the community.

4 A useful network. “My Moms Club has provided a wonderful network of women all sharing similar experiences,” says Robin First Brandies, a member of the Marlton, NJ chapter of Moms Clubs International. “It is an emotionally safe place to laugh, and even cry, at the joys and challenges of motherhood. It is wonderful to know you are not alone on this ride!”

5 A helping hand. “It’s always nice to have another mom with you at the mall to watch your kids and stroller while you dash in to the bathroom,” points out Jennifer Olson, president of the MOMS Club of Spring City/Vincent, PA.

6 Networking for working mothers. Clubs aren’t just for full-time, stay-at-home moms. Some meet at night or on weekends to accommodate working mothers. They can be a great place to meet other working moms.

7 Inexpensive activities. It is generally inexpensive to belong to a club; activities are often free. Especially for new moms, it’s comforting to know that you can count on a weekly play date, a fun trip to a park or a monthly mom’s night out.

8 Referrals. Whether you need the name of a pediatrician, babysitter or a kid-friendly restaurant, mom’s clubs have firsthand knowledge.

9 An introduction to preschool. Some clubs have teachers who provide lessons for the kids while the moms socialize. “We have excellent child care workers so the children go with the teachers and get a chance to experience a preschool setting,” says Karin Bockrath, a member of the Hockessin, DE MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers).

10 Community service. Many clubs have charitable and community-based activities, such as cooking meals at a Ronald McDonald House or visiting a retirement home. It’s a great way to teach your kids the importance of giving back.

Terri Akman is a contributing writer to MetroKids, mom of three and preschool teacher.

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