10 Mom Ways to Show Your Kids You Love Them

  1. Leave them love notes under their pillows, in their lunchboxes, in their sock drawers — anywhere thye would be surprised to discover them.
  2. Develop a journal to them. I've started this with my children. Each night after they are asleep, I will write a few words about what made my day with them special. The new things they discovered, what behaviors I especially liked, what special memories we made. In the morning if they want, I'll read it back to them. In the years ahead, I hope it will bring them comfort on a difficult day or help them remember special memories. If nothing else, it will always be a reminder of my love for them.
  3. Say yes when you would normally say no. Want to see a gigantic smile on your kids' faces? Show them you trust them in a new way. Let them make their own lunch or even yours. Let them get their hair cut like they want. Pick your battles. Say yes more and they'll know they are loved and trusted.
  4. Write them a message on their window or mirrors. A note with a dry erase marker can be easily erased when you want to add a new one.
  5. Greet them with a huge smile when you see them in the morning or they come home to you after school. Let them know they've been missed and you are so happy to be with them again.
  6. Breakfast in bed. Doesn't it make you feel special?
  7. All About Me Day. Pick a day, any day, and make it all about your child. Let them be in charge. Dessert before dinner? Sure. Park before homework? Sure. Where do they want to go? What do they want to do?
  8. Suprise Escapade. Snatch your child up from school (unexpectedly for the child) and take them on a surprise getaway to a new place or one of their all-time favorite places. Let them bring a friend to add to the fun factor. I'm not advocating skipping school on a regular basis. But every once in a while you need to mix things up, think outside the box and show your child you love them in a new, unexpected kind of way.
  9. Share with them their birth story. Take some time to recall the day of their birth. Play back the details. Who was there? Where did it happen? When did it happen and how? Let them experience the joy you felt when you brought your child into the world.
  10. Pray together. Regardless of your religion, pass on to your children your spiritual beliefs. Have them take comfort in knowing there is a greater power out there that loves us all. Moms and dads may get mad, may be mean, may yell, but God is always there, in good times and bad.

Jennifer Auer is a South Jersey mom. This post is adapted from her blog Jersey Family Fun.

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