What to do with the kids on a snow day


Looking for ideas on what to do with the kids on a snow day? Here are suggestions for crafts, games, even things to do if the power goes out. 

And when your kids go outside, use these safety tips for sledding and snowboarding.

Here are ways to make the best of a day at home, instead of just filling the time. It starts with (gulp) turning off the TV. 

If you've run out of craft ideas, here are a few websites to kickstart your creativity.

Lose power (or still haven't gotten it back from the last storm)?  Here are some ideas from moms who've been in a similar predicament,

Eventually, the kids will want to go outside, which is great. So here are safety tips when they hit the hills and slopes with their sleds and snowboards.

Good luck everyone and remember, spring has never not sprung.


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