Unplugged Summer Fun



Just in time for summer, a number of game and toy industry professionals and the website Whattodowiththekids.com have updated their top 10 choices of games or toys. None need batteries, and not one suggestion involves a screen of any kind, making them perfect for road trips or vacation. Several industry experts emphasized the importance of active play and how it helps a kid’s development.

Cassidy Smith, national sales manager at Hape Toys commented, “I truly believe the more parents pull their children away from screen play and let them be kids again, the better. Kids learn through play, but what a lot of parents don’t realize is that it’s actually good for kids to be bored occasionally, too.”

Lego tops the updated list and their popularity has never been higher. Andrea Bergstein, founder and CEO of Scribblitt, Kids Publishing commented, “Lego develops thinking in 3D, helps organizational abilities and planning as well as creativity.” 

Building blocks took second place, and any building or construction toys fit here. Beth Muehlenkamp, brand manager at Playmonster said, “Early construction toys that are well designed and built promote STEM, quiet play, dexterity, spatial awareness and fine motor skills.”

But don’t just let them sit and build. David Katzner, founder and president of The National Parenting Center added, “Active play is an essential part of growing up, so toys like Frisbees, and balls for kicking or throwing,” are the latest addition to the toy list and include those associated with sports such as basketball, tennis and soccer. So get up, get out, and get your kids moving all summer.  

Ten top toys

Pull your kids away from the screen and encourage active play with these classic toys and games:

1.  Lego 
2.  Building Blocks 
3.  Dolls
4.  Scrabble 
5.  Monopoly
6.  Jump/Skipping Rope
7.  Chutes and Ladders
8.  Assorted Balls 
9.  Chinese Checkers
10. Jigsaw Puzzles

Source: Whattodowiththekids.com


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